Rules & Regulations

1. There is no entry fee required.

2. Entry forms deadline is June 30th, 2013. For DVD shipments postmarks dated on June 30th will be considered valid.

3. The following categories have been established:

Music Video
Graduation Film – Addressed only to graduate students currently taking courses in Mexican schools.

4. The Selection Committee will ONLY take into consideration those short films completed between January 2012 and June 2013.

5. Only works less than 30 minutes in length and created by any image-by-image animation technique are eligible for entry.

6. To submit films for consideration to the Film Selection Committee:

A. Online Registration. Fill out the online entry form and upload the film through the official website, not exceeding 80 MB. Accepted formats: .mp4.
If the film exceeds the 80 MB, it is mandatory to choose option B.

B.Online Registration and preview DVD sent. Fill out the online entry form and send us a preview data DVD to the festival office.

Preview DVD should be sent to the following address:

CutOut Fest – Festival Internacional de Animación
16 de Septiembre #62
Centro Histórico
CP 76000
Querétaro, Qro.
Tel: (442) 245 19 70

7. All producers and/or directors who own the rights to the film they are submitting are eligible for competition.

8. Each filmmaker or producer may submit as many films as desired. An entry form for each work must be submitted.

9. Each selected work must be submitted in digital format High Resolution.

10. Works can include one or more animation techniques. Works can be performed with any animation technique.

11. If the film content dialogue is not in Spanish it will have to be subtitled in English, at least.

12. DVD copies received will not be returned, as they will conform the Festival’s filmoteque.

13. Shipping costs originated by the transport of the screening prints will be cover by the participants.

14. If selected, participants will be notified via email in order to continue in the competition.

15. The festival organization will decide the screening dates and times of the films.

16. The festival will provide a maximum of 3 accreditations for each short film in competition. In no case will the festival cover travel expenses.

17. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of these Regulations.

18. The Festival’s organizing committee, in accordance with international regulations, will decide any matter arising during the Festival, which is not covered by these Regulations.

19. The Festival Selection Committee will select films for the Official Competition. An international jury formed by animation professionals will award the different competition categories.
The decisions of the juries are final.

20. The juries will award the following prizes:

• Best Narrative Short Film.
• Best Experimental Short Film.
• Best Music Video.
• Best Student Film.

Special Mentions will also be awarded.

21. CutOut Fest would like to obtain a non-exclusive distribution video license for award-winning films, which will make up a compilation entitled “CutOut Fest 2013 Awards”.
A contract for transfer of copyright will be sent to the producers of the films to be used.

22. All works in the Official Selection will receive a CutOut Fest 2013 participation diploma.



CutOut Fest 

International Animation Festival
16 de Septiembre #62
Centro Histórico CP 76000
Querétaro, Qro.
(+52) 442 245 19 70