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  • Delta_00

    25 July, 2014 • 159

    #SynaestheticFriday‬: “Delta”

    The fear of the unknown will make you wonder if all enigmas are dangerous in reality...

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  • epilog_destacado

    24 July, 2014 • 52


    In the semi darkness, a live stage dialogues with movement and responds with a flow of lights and spectrums which...

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  • cocoe07

    23 July, 2014 • 91


    Two creative minds are better than one, especially when they come from different cultures. Cocoe is a studio based in...

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  • TheJump01

    23 July, 2014 • 17

    The Jump

    Can we jump into someone else’s life without leaving our own? The next short film answers this question with a...

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  • Super Time Force 1

    21 July, 2014 • 56

    Super Time Force

    A chaos of pixels and time travel in which characters are sent to the past to prevent dinosaurs from becoming extinct...

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